Wednesday, January 28, 2009


found this footage of the last tour of TKE THT! vol.1 premieres. we hit following cities before like Santa Ana, rancho chockamonga, San Diego, Europe (minus me) and last but not least...well Carson. this has had to be the most fucked but fun premiere i ever hosted, a video foe the kids a premiere for the kids and of all things we get shut down by the hostee's!...Carson aka veterns park, pretty funny though they let us run all the way through the vid until the last part (ricky webb) hit the screen then all hellz broke loose, and you know what else is a trip, the park patrol asked if they could borrow the copy of the flick......."sure dude" haha, the nerve. oh and don't mind the lips, i had frozen douhnuts tht night..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the none believers of 2009

whoa, didnt know it was a sad day in america for most, on the most historical day yet


i enjoyed the look of it "cool kids"

nahhh dawwgg

oh and heres a sneek peek of rashads new footage, upcoming skateboard mag minute in the works as well... and i also here tht im working on a TKE THT!vol. 2..hmm..let the skills tell it.

its a showdown!

here's a vid of mr. RASHAD TURNER gettin dropped by his older bro at DVS, i guess the height wasn't on his side or maybe he wasnt ready hah the kid tried to ostrich my head in the ground and almost end up breakin his cred by Ricky Webb hahah wait for the laugh!

DRIVE sloow..

 this t-shirt graphic and idea has to be.. well it's the best shirt for me for the beginning of 2009! with design graphic from artist and fam graham this tee will not lead you in the dark. laced with the pro cautious 3M material on your back you sure wont be a victim of "hit & runs" especially on your bike or board, for me this is a shirt worth buying especially while I'm gliding through traffic, its rare when theres a shirt or brand actually looking out for your well being, track heads, skateboarders or random pedistrians dont be afraid VERSUS gots your back literally! available now online at US VERSUS THEM and also at your finer slow homie!

day one all over again

the train rides from one to another are good especially when your headed to a surprise birthday parly you had no clue of, this ride was headed towards los angeles where the night ended with good times and great memories, funny..while on the train it gave me time to think back on distant memories and also future plots..009 awaits, and time waits for no one. 2008 was a good year plans were on the move, vids got released,pictures were taking, ideas were throwed out, climates changed (meaning brands views i represent) money was spent and more people were met. i'd say it was a beautiful year, scary but lovely as well..i went in 08 hoping to come out in a drop top, nothing near but pretty close, just lets me be asure that a change is coming and hopefully soon will turn into soon enough and that's why am ready to hit the new year with confidents (he strong). to the fans and great friends out their I'm starting this thing to bring you a lil closer into the moments of me, i guess this is the introduction for this thing..lil late but fuck it, 2009 akeem turner aka (aki goes hardd!) goes even harder..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


here's some vids i thought were too funny were you have security taking their part time gigs way to serious

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

inglewoods finest

check out the new interview with theo via shakejunt


a new crossroad