Monday, February 16, 2009

i heart skateboarding

i heart skateboardings new trailer brought to you by my friends over at streetpirate films check it!tony karr rips!

I Heart Skateboarding Trailer from on Vimeo.

aaaaron bangs!

went up to this lil contest with aaron steward(UVT rider) few days ago, he actually banged it out, kids sick with an amazing style, and very humbled as well, thats alwyas a plus, check out some contest drops.

aaron steward contest clips from akeem turner on Vimeo.

Friday, February 13, 2009

keep pushing

new flick from the R-town homies, should be a doozy to watch, trailer coming soon

almost forgot bout this...

new issue on doorsteps real soon, "HEY BUS WERES THAT AD I SUNT YOU!" these illegitimate basterd childs.

mountain high satin pack

the satin pack collection from vans are bangers, a must grab for me!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

we on malibu live!

right after the encounter and epic stories with twaun we headed towards malibu to link up with pepperdines radio station to knock out some more bissnuis, with special guest Dom kennedy. last night was reaaally cold out there, but the heat got on when i got to hear both carter and dom spit live on radio. was recorded as well so hit the link and listen up.

the dixson

met up with antwuan last night on hollywood, right before i hit malibu for this campus radio station with mr. Carter to do a lil film funny how twuan can get so in depth with his stories, like the story hes telling me and carter bout how we went in and out of jail while in florida and beat the case, there was waay more animation than words 

88 keys

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

pastrana for the kids!

style and grace,

is it wrong to be fresh?

is yall mad cuz hes styles on deck...?

did she say skater kids?

i think she did...

try it again..dude

went out and shot some photos with slap magazines go to guy and came out with some pretty cool ish..check it

rashad at work from akeem turner on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

more fall season favs!

another favorite from UVT's fall season, the split ins tee is another classic logo design brought to you by artist and designer graham norstrom, one of my personal favs due to the look, the big print and color displayed on this shirt, really make this graffic something for your eyes to see, and cant forget how good it looks while shreddin in it. (can u relate) spring/summer season awaits. my fav girl in the whole world is rockin this one...jus dandy, check her blog out too...hope you dont mind the language change haha."

yall can hit?

jakie-o says yes,

are we going?

may catch rashad or rick or even some of the UVT hittn this spot sat!

skate proof spot release

rod dyrdeks foundation is set to open a first spot safe skate spot!?...located in Los Angeles in late February. sounds like a chill concept, but it may also give haters at real original spots reasons to bitch and say "hey why don't u go the the skate proof spot". but if the riders down to hit it, I'll pull out the cam. click here for more on the article.

made for skate

made for skate book, a book the dedicates itself with pages of the history of the skate shoe. lement is a main sponsor and has created 1000 limited edition Made For Skate books. search for and low for a copy

visvim 009 spring/summer

another nasty pair that needs to hit my feet, hefty price(377$) but i do adore

whats on nigos wall?

somthing of kaws maybe?...

i have standards hah"

this must have been the coolest way of saying no to a cigarette on my part captured ever haha" i dont smoke so there was no option but to say no, here's us a the "I'm pool ready" pool parly in the city. but it is really funny i gave jay-la the o'l shake & move

off gaurd

off the record, no one else has this colorway of magnum logo tees from us versus them, but you can still visit the online store and grab the rest of fall season goodies and wait for the drop on spring season...coming soon by the way...and also be on the lookout for updates and reviews on team UVT. oh and UVT has a new blogger based in the Los Angeles area(hes names aki). so more updates and reviews & news...stay tuned visit

Thursday, February 5, 2009

video check out...

anthony williams..another fam member doing his thang check it

i can deal with these air zoom toki lux

the only nike shoes i could deal with for a while...

how could you hunny..?


Ty Evans in...

yay for UNIV! spring 009 denim preview

converse skates?

i may have to stop by converse and swoop, very nice..seen before but very nice.

Y3 HONJA high black patent...

these shall go on the feet as well,

second half of the day in the trife...


crush tv interviews...

STREETWEAR FASHION from Adam M. Ballard on Vimeo.


these will & must be on my feet, thanks javier


JETPACK - ANDROID HOMME from Android Homme on Vimeo.

on the shelves

lets pray!